Same places Before and After  
  Waad΄s architects tour on projects  
  Pictures of journalists  
  Pictures of southern suburb after war  
  Pictures of models  
  Pictures of Harford University  
  Celebration of Jihad Construction, 17/6/2008.  
  Reparationsí Workshops  
  Pictures of workshops  
  Opening of the 8 buildings rebuilt with the contribution of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development  
  Visit Minister Ziyad Baroud to the southern suburbs  
  Ceremony 13-2-2008  
  Ceremony 29-5-2009  
  Ceremony 26-2-2010  
  Ceremony 4-12-2009  
  Ceremony 20-2-2009  
  Ceremony 1-6-2010  
  Ceremony 26-2-2009  
  Ceremony 23-5-2009  
  Visit of the Civil Resistance Delegation  
  Visit of a German Delegation  
  Imam Mahdi Scout in Iran Visit  
  Nigerian Theologians Delegation 24-9-2010  
  Islamic Television delegation 7-8-2010  
  Seminar at the Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University 16-3-2010  
  Engineers Association 18-2-2009  
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Same places Before and After